Milk Powder

Svediicexports is made from high quality, fresh, homogenized and pasteurized Cow’s milk. The first step involves getting condensed milk from pasteurized milk using an evaporator.

Secondly, the condensed milk is spray dried in a heated chamber by mechanically spraying hot air onto it in a specially designed tower. By adding Soya Lecithin, the solubility of the powder is highly increased making it instantly soluble.

The natural food elements are preserved during the process and the powder is made to be easily digestible making it an excellent alternative to liquid milk.

Market Strategy

Marketing strategies are to be provided always also in connection with the high-class aim of my deliberate business and with the high-class thoughts of Milk Powder.

We ship all over world

We move more than half a million containers of camel milk, fruits, vegetables, cotton, Garlic every year. ... We're talking about the fruits of your labour – literally – and we take our role in ... As experts in shipping camel milk, fruit, vegetables, cotton, Garlic we know that your cargo is both ... delicate, and in demand all over the world

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